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Different Tint Grades

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How many grades of tint are there available now from the manufacturers?

My background: I tinted for about 3 years while in college. We used SunGard film and at that time, they offered 3 diff grades of film: dyed poly, high performance, and sputtered.

I have a friend that wants his car tinted but it's been 4 years since I was in the business. I wanted to know how much has changed and what would everyone suggest I recommend to my friend. Basically he wants a charcoal that lasts a long time. However, no silver(sputtered) film.

I just wanted some guidelines to watch out for in case he starts asking me if the 'product' is good or not. I really don't care for brand just as long as it lasts. It seems Llumar is what is used a lot in OKC.

Thanks in advance.

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The film manufacturers still have their dyed films, hybrid films and full metal films. I would stick with the hybrid half metal/half dyed films. There are alot of different shades and with Sungard Desert Smoke II series, they have 50%, 40%, 30%, 20% and 5%. Some companies like Suntek HP Charcoal makes a 50%, 35%, 30%, 20%, 15% and 5%. Llumar has a very good Charcoal film called Llumastar ATR Charcoal. Nothing really changed too much in the past several years except for a new product called Huper Optik ceramic window films which people are using on autos now.

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