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Observations From the HOOD

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Long time since I have posted here. Allow me to post some observations, while

working in da 'HOOD ..

Telephone books? Who needs em fo advatizements? We gots telephone poles

in heah. They even double as want ads fo da struggla's dat abounds in these

parts heah. The higher up yo advatizements izzz, da Mo respects yo deserves.

I post as ebidence, Da mugzz shottz form below, eggsibbit A. LOOKIE HEAH,

real good at the top sign. :thumb:drunk


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If there was ever evidence as to why you tinters trying to scratch an existence out of auto tinting should cut loose and get the hell out of this market, well the above posted signs say it all. :thumb

Move to decorative, security, grafitti, commercial and domestic where you are one on one with the customer. No bs!


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At these Crazy prices, Make Dizzam SHO you call the numba for the

window tinter wanted  ad at the top of the first muggz shotz.

You might even make a quick 50 for doing all dem cheap azz tintzz  :)


These people probably install or "hang" all kinds of tint papers :):lol

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