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2011 Nissan Quest

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Ok, just did a 2011 Quest. It has the retard triangle windows in front of the doors that seems to be all the rave lately, but easy to get to. The doors are very flat, and require no heating.


If you pull the gaskets, and dont remove the panel to do so, all you have to do is pull the top back opposite the mirror side. However, if you dont have a panel puller, DONT DO IT! When you yank the panel back, the plug will stay in the hole and come off the panel. Its a blue pop plug with the old fashion "ribs" that keep it in the hole. Also, when you put the gasket back, make sure you dont pull the material off the panel when you slide it back in.

I did it with the gasket in on the second one and it was easier than putting socks on a chicken. So gasket removal is not necessary. :lol2

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