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Guest metint

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Dern what an attitude I easily get caught up in... arrogant and self-righteous... beginning to sound like someone who sells the film that started it all.

I really need to back off and remember my humble beginnings, and not rub anyone's face in the sand over a simple, yet complex, piece of plastic... and where it has taken metint. I need remember I could very well find myself doing as you do each day. All it would take is a drop or wave of the hand... ::poof:: you're installing again.

I am truly grateful for the blessings bestowed upon metint. I am also thankful for this site and to those who've tolerated metint's attitude when it goes awry.

Please except my sincere apologies, if I have offended any of you in any way, I will work to keep a lower profile than I have been carrying since becoming comfortable in, and amongst, this crowd.

Though I have many responibilites where I am presently employed, one of them is not to exploit my position. I feel I have been doing this more so lately with snide and self-righteous remarks in my posts.

I really would help anyone where I could, be it tools, be it film (ours or theirs), or whatever, if it were within my powers. This I am sure of. :rollin

Metint :booga

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Guest skeeter

Yeah, you are arrogant. And I believe I could do your job better than you. :rollin:rollin But deep down you've been a good person to me from the first day we met. Never any pressure, just helpful info, advise, same thing you do here. You should chill, and you already realize you are fortunate to be where you are. I say stay on course, Captain :rollin

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