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Guest TINTFXold

this is not meant as racist or meant to offend anyone, ITS MERELY A JOKE

a redneck, a black guy and a jewish man were out working at a construction site one day digging up the ground when low and behold they unearthed a genie bottle.

the black guy gives it a rub andout pops the genie stating that they all could have one wish......

the black guys says "I'll take a country where alllllllll "my" people can live just by ourselves, the genie grants him the wish....

the jew steps up and says "I want a country where"my" people can live just by ourselves, genie says no problem....

........... the redneck scratches his head, looks a the genie and says "you rreally going to give those two and allllllllll their people their own country?" the genies says "yes"................. the redneck scratches his head again and says .......

"well hell, just give me a diet coke"

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