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two guys were playing golf together one day. they had just met in the club house and decided to play a few rounds together. The first guy tees up on the first tee box and thwacks the ball down the fairway. the second does the same. After finishing the first hole they begin to tee up on #2, when the first guy asks the secind one what he does for a living. O he says, I'm a real estate broker, as a matter of fact I live just up on that hill about 200 yards away. the guy teeing up says, oh, I'm a hit man. the first guy says "no way". to prove it the 1st guy goes to the golf cart and pulls out a long range hunting rifle with a scope on it.

Very impressed the second guy says can I take a look a that. "Sure", the hit man says. the real estate shoulders the rifle and peeks through the scope towards his own hose. Amazed the real estate broker says, "WOW, you can even see inot my living room........ uh wait there's my wife ..... and she's n@ked...... oh, sh!t there's my best friend and neoghboe, and he's n@ked. Infuriated the broker asks the hitman how much he charges, he says $1000 per shot. The broker says "you've got the job, I want you to shoot my wife in the fkn mouth cause she's always bitching then I want you to shoot my best friend in his dick, cause I think he might be screwing my wife. so that $2000 right"? "Sure" said the hitman.

the hitman shoulders the weapon, scopes in on the target and says, "Pal, this is your lucky day, I'm gonna get to save you $1000 dollars today...............................

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