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4k sq ft comm job

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This is Hess Tower. 2nd floor lobby wall of glass was making huge heat gains in the afternoon.

The George R Brown 11 mil job is just across the park.

I can see the trash in their windows from here! :lol

Anyway, no decent angle for a long shot, but here goes...

30 ft to top of glass (scissor lift)



Only a small section (with 1 row complete) in frame from the outside.


Huper Ceramic 40 won this one.

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Pretty cool. The PITA part of that job I think would be those things in each corner of each piece of glass. I assume you had to cut around each of them?

Cut around, yes. But not as bad as alot of suspended glass walls I've seen.

The worst part is the jeans, hardhat,safetyglasses,boots, fallharness, safety meetings, OSHA bs,

I may not even get to "Superman" on the lift! :welcome

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