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dry chemical, water-activated adhesive VS. PS


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Can someone educate me a bit more on pros and cons between these two types of adhesive?

We just bougth an East/West exposure house in AZ. We're considering to go with either 3M or Vista.

Per discussions on a separate thread: 3M uses PS , Vista uses water-activated adhesive.


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Guest tintslut

Try the Huper Optik,,,,, should be a dealer or two in AZ, its PS..

PS film is stikky,, CDF bonds to the glass, and needs to be shaved off

to be removed.

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Guest thetintshop

any good all metal film will work well on a home. all you need to do is get several bids from different installers. compare the different films, different warranties, and ask each for references, good and bad. most tinters have a particuler bad customer they love to reference. I have a lawyers office I did that she was not happy with. it was too dark once I installed it and she wanted lighter and didn't want to pay for it, so she will run me down to anybody. I tell everyone to go by there and see what the film looks like, it works well to see the film "in action". plus, it bugs the little receptionist girl. if it's what they're looking for, they let me do the job.

most good installers will bring samples for you to look at. compare the films, the way they look once installed, and how good of a job each installer can do. just remember all the savings in electricity bills you will have in the future. the film will pay for itself in no time. so price should be of least importance.

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Guest tintsurfer

Sometimes with ps it takes to to peel it, with cdf you can reverse roll, very fast. More Efficient! Lower labor$ More money for boss! :dunno

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Guest metint

Ask the Vista dealer to get you a brochure "Are you Getting the Best?" It explains to the consumer the differences between PS and dry-chemical adhesives.


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Guest Film Maverick

The CDF is not water activated but heat activated. The fact that Vista has a brochure about this as a marketing ploy and yet the dealer thinks it's water activated is annoying.

You as the homeowner should care less about the adhesive. You are looking at two good brands. Pick the one that you think will fit best with your home. Heat rejection & Good looking film should make your choice.

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