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Removing Quarter Windows

Guest 515tinter

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Guest 515tinter

this is a tutorial on how to remove the quarter windows on a ford fusion. besides the placement of the screws on the door panel, basically any vehicle where you'll need to remove the quarter window will be almost identical, the same concept. people will tell you to trim the rubber gasket or do this and do that. but i remove them because i feel its more professional then cutting away at someones rubber gasket and you can ensure that 100% of the glass will be tinted and absolutely no light gap! so here we go:

first, you'll need to remove the door panel, either partially or completely, whichever you're comfortable with. start with the door handle, pick the cap off and remove the screw:


then remove this screw


grab a 5/16" socket, and remove this bolt


next, remove this using a 7mm


you'll want to look in this area of the weather stripping next, you'll peel this up


once you've peeled up this section of weather stripping, remove this screw


once you've moved the door panel out of the way, remove this plug


then remove this portion of the weather stripping


grab your 5/16" socket again and remove this bolt


now you're ready to take out the frame post. grab on to this section and pull it out



now, in a teeter-totter like motion, gently pull the glass away from your body like so. its in there pretty good so just keep teeter-tottering it and you'll feel it start to break loose





this is how dirty and nasty these can be after you remove the gasket. i fill my sink with warm water and let them soak for a minute or two and scrub them while they're in the sink. dry them off and squeege them clean


apply your film, let it sit out in the sun (while you do the front windows and back glass) then go back and shave the edges


put the gaskets back on and admire your hard work!


pry up this little trim piece along the bottom edge of the window. this allows you to slide the window right in without forcing and fighting with the window. just slide the window in and through the highlighted area and all the way back until the window and gasket are flush with the channel it sits in


and this is your final product!


i really hope this helps some people on here. i know when i was looking for guidance on this topic there were some threads with pictures but the pictures had broken links so it wasn't much help. so now you can all look forward to booking a fusion in the near future because once you do this once it takes all of maybe 5 minutes to remove these. enjoy!!!!

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Guest maddtinter

It is easier to remove the glass/gasket if you remove the outer chrome/black strip at the base of the window on the outside.There is a torx head screw that needs to be removed in the door jam area.This will reduce the chances of tearing or gouging the gasket on the quarter window.Also, when removing the post between the quarter and roll down window,it is not necessary to remove the felt from the post channel.Remove them together.

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