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Been working with a "faulty" heat gun

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Ever since on got my new heat gun(2-3 months old), it didn't seem to have as much air flow. Besides that, shrinking side glasses were a biatch, fingers barely even reacted to heat until that got small. I actually thought I forgot how to wet shrink, since i messed up a couple time doing it.

Well, im pretty sure the heat gun was a dud, b/c it died in the middle of a job on Friday. Luckily, I was close by and went and picked up my old Chicago gun. When i got back, side glassed were shrinking faster with 2 pieces of film than with one alone.

So if you using a cheap heatgun, you might want to consider a better one, to avoid what happend to me. Im definelty gonna pick up a better heat gun.

Edit: Ahhh, posted in wrong section, sorry TD.

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So I'm looking to pick up either a Milwaukee or a Makita heat gun. I was just at Home Depot and they had a dual temp Milwaukee gun for $70. Is this the right heat gun? If not, where are you guys ordering them from?

Don't know how much longer this Chicago will last...lol.

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Guest shadeking

Makitas are great.

You probably had a dud like you said, I've been using a faily cheap heat gun (Wagner) and its lasted a good 3 yrs now. I expect it to crap out soon. Can't expect em to last forever, especially as many times as I drop them or run over them.

edit: yes having a back up is good!

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Guest scottydosnntkno

I've used nothing but red milwaukees for ~5 years and nothing works as good in my opinion.

I want to try out one of the nice industrial Steinel ones, but don't want to drop $200 for me to not like it

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