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Goin to Jamaica!

Guest ridiculous

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Guest ridiculous

thought i would share with you all that a week from tomorrow, the 21st of June, my fiance' and i will be flying away to Jamaica to be getting married.

i'm pretty excited and nervous all at the same time. it'll be a crazy experience. i've never flown, i've never been out of the country, and i've never been married so it should be interesting.

i'm only nervous about flying. i have no idea what to expect. i've talked to a lot of people about it and even googled what to expect so i've got a pretty good idea but still unsure.

not too nervous about marriage though. we've been together 7 years and lived together for 4 of those years so really i can't imagine much will be different. of course the old marriage vets give me lots of sh!t about it but i take it with a grain of salt, lol!

anywho, just thought i'd share this since its kinda slow in here tonight.

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I love to fly.... not that I fly often... but done it many times. Even with that, I still get a little nervous during take-off and landing... and if there is any roughness while in mid-flight sometimes I'll get a little antsy, but overall I enjoy it very much. I don't know how Jamaica is, but I've been to Hawaii a few times, and landing can be very... interesting. :) The cross-winds from being on an island can be strong and easily push the plane around.... :gasp

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hey, seriously, ive been to Jamaica a few times, everybody stays in the group, you dont wander off. you be careful and stay alert if you go out. if youre just in your wedding area thats great but the rest of jamaica is not a friendly place


it is beautiful, hot, and i hope all goes well for you, just keep your head up


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