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Android phone suggestion??

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Recently I got an android phone... the Samsung Prevail on BoostMobile, which is a pre-paid carrier using the Spring network. Their plan is $50 a month for unlimited talk, text and web. After 6 months of on-time payments, they reduce the monthly fee by $5... and it bottoms out at $35 a month.

This is my first smart phone... and I have strong opinions on paying more then that for a phone.... I think the prices these companies charge are outrageous considering what the true cost of access is and what other countries have.... in the US it's all about the shareholders and making them the most money and nothing else.

Anyway, I really like the phone... I like the Android OS, and I'm having fun with it. :boogie

But, since it's with Boost, it's a lower-end phone, and in some things it's limited in what I can do with it. Nothing huge... it does what I really need it to do, but it's gotten me to think about maybe moving to something better on one of the big carriers. Probably be on Sprint's network... since their plans, currently, are the best when it comes to what they consider 'unlimited' is... since most of the time these carriers make up their own definition of unlimited.

So what are some of the better Android phones... either that are out now, or will be out? I need to be able to root it, and tether my tablet to it for 'net access. I guess I'll go with a LTE phone since that seems like the next best thing....

I just don't know which phone makers are the better ones..

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I would also check out the Droid X2........it has the dual core processor and is supposed to make the droid X much faster. I really like my Droid X.

Hey Booms, did you do the OS upgrade yet??? it really is nice with added features and better battery life

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