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UK tinter looking for work in florida

Guest fankjohnston

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Guest fankjohnston

hi, im an experianced tinter looking for work in miami or any other large urban area within florida,

im english and live in the UK, im available to travel from august,

im not a speed tinter and my emphasis is always on quality over quantity, i can handle upto 5 full cars per day (obviously depending on vehicle etc)

i've experiance with all types of vehicle as well as european makes as well as prestige/luxury etc,

im a keen individual and dont mind doing long days and weekends etc if the money is there,

i've been in the USA before and trained in california some years back, although i've never visited miami,

i dont drink, smoke or get involved in any kind of drugs,

im also fluent in spanish and portuguese (learnt, not inherited)

in my free time i enjoy salsa dancing, cycling and generally just enjoying life,

if you have any openings/offers please PM with the details and i could call you to find out more and give you any more information that you'd require about me,

many thanks.

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