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I will never understand friday's

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For the longest time I never worry about friday's even if I don't have anything on the books for that day. Like today for instance, Had to take a test from about 9 to 10 this morning, and all I had on the books was to look at tinting a couple doors on a church.

Well I priced it right for him, so I tinted 3 doors at this church with 3 1 ft panel's in each door. In nv 15. they didn't want people being able to walkup and see in the music room.


Knocked that out by lunch, when a friend of mine calls and says his glass guy pulled a no show on him today could I help him out of a jam, so I agree to drive 30 mins to install 2 windshield's.

In the meantime another guy calls for 2 front doors, so I knock them out after lunch, and off to install the windshield's.



Now on the way to install the windsheild I get a call from a girl who was told I could install cd player's. I explain to her that I don't normally but if she just need's it installed I would take care of it when I got back to town.


And just like that a day with nothing to do at all really. Turns into a half azz work day. Thats why I never know how a friday will go until it's over. :cool

And the only one that sucked was the chevy truck. That windsheild had been in there for over 20 year's :lol:beer

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I use to do this type of work on a daily basis. But ove the last couple years I have started refering this type of work to a few people I know to handle it. Instead of me doing it personailly. Plus side is they now send me more tint work for hooking them up with odd jobs. I't a win win. :thumb

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