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thinking of bringing in a part timer as we build dealer work

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We are in the building process of adding a lot of new clients to the tinting side of our business. I would like to have a part timer come in that has a bit of knowledge and use them a couple days a week. I have someone in mind, but I was wondering about insurance. I would just like to subcontract him, mostly because I am not sure how much work he will be doing in the shop, and I don't want to double my insurance cost for him working part time. Is there a subcontract agreement I would need him to sign? Or give me a copy of? not sure how to go about it. Talked to my insurance agent and without hiring him full time she said that it might be more affordable to go the sub contractor route with him. Hopefully, it will turn into more hours and we can hire him full time later this year and add him to our insurance, as well as one other part timer /fingers crossed

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Are you using a plotter yet for tint patterns? That really helps with jamming out dealer cars

I do a couple of dealerships hate the plotter except for this, works great on the same cars over and over again

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plotter is on my list of necessary evils for dealer work :lol We have a cutter already because of our sign side of the biz, looking into First Cut, seems affordable and accurate :lol2

Thanks Balzy, we are growing slowly but surely, this time next year we will be able to move into a larger shop in a busier location as well if things go well for the rest of the year. :D We decided to not borrow any more money, we did that to start up and it made it harder than it needed to be.

Thanks for the replies guys, will 1099 him then. Still trying to figure out what days to use him and such. But he seems like a good guy so hopefully it will work out. He is a member here also ;)

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