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Creed-Ripoff of a another ripoff.


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I almost posted this on the Creed's "My Own Prison" thread but I didn't want to tread on TD's vibe but this has f'in irked me since the days of Pearl Jam.

I'm not much of a Creed fan at all. Lyrics are great on that song (My Own Prison) but I just can't get over how far the lead singer of Creed will stick his head up Eddie Vedder's ass just to try and sound like him.

I'll go even further to say I was a reluctant Pearl Jam fan when you consider Eddie Vedder's whole lyrical approach was based on and is a direct ripoff of Robert Plant's growl-delivery at the end of, "What Is and What Should Never Be". from Led Zepplin II. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself next time you come across that song from Zep.

It's downright disgustin'.

So there, I've had my say on that lil' sitcheeayshun.

The phone lines are now open...


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