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Won the bid on a good project today

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I put in a bid on this job back in Feb. When it was being planned for this summer. I had honestly thought that I didn't get as late into summer as it has gotten. But sure enough they called me about my vendor info, and said I won the bid. This is the backside of a library at a nearby college.

I'm only going to be doing the top sets of window's.


This is a shot from the inside of 1 set. I have 12 sets like this to do. :thumb


I will post better before and after pic's when I get to start on it. I'm putting a reflective silver 60% on them. :dunno

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Why only a 60% silver ?

Nice that you got the job ........ :thumb

they are interested in the UV protection for the books facing the windows. The windows are east facing, and they really wanted UV clear. But I explained to them that some of the heat needed to be rejected in order to help with fading as well. This was about the best route I could go and still endup with a window that didn't look really dark while rejecting maximum heat. :lol

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