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Suntek CXP Film Number and Roll Number

Guest thirdmolars1996

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Guest thirdmolars1996

Greetings all,

Just had my Suntek CXP placed on my car.

Received the Warranty card, but I'm not sure if the "Film Type" and "Roll number" is filled out correctly. i dont have time return to the tint place, as I am a student.

For "Film Type" I see 24496 and "Roll No" I see 06

Basically its 24496-06

This is what the dealer put down, but it seems he wasnt sure... =-(

Can someone with confirm that is this correct? I would think the "ROLL NUMBER" would be a longer number, given that this is what Suntek uses to track where each roll goes...sorta like a serial number.

I have submitted my warranty card yet,...because I dont want the card to be null and void because it was filled out incorrectly.

Thanks everyone!

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Guest thirdmolars1996
Do customers really need to send these in? oops....


Just in case something should happen and I'm no longer in the same area as the dealer that installed it...

Most likely I will redo the tint in 5-6 years...regardless of what happen..

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