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USA women whooped that azz!


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Anybody see the World Cup just now?

A player down. End of overtime. Into a 3 minute extension due to a faked injury by a Brazilian ho player.

We tied it up for the shoot-out.

Our goalie, Hope Solo gets redemption from a bad call to save it in the shoot-out.

Awesome game! Watch the news or ESPN for the highlights if ya missed this one.

Love or hate soccer, this was one of the best comebacks. Ever. :dunno

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By a Brazilian ho player......


In overtime, 20 seconds after she was involved in a play, she held held her back and fell over.

Stayed down for 4 minutes. As soon as the stretcher took her off the field, she jumped up and went to the sidelines.

Came back in on the next substitution, where she was handed a yellow card for being an azzbitch. That added 3

minutes to the game, which we scored in the last minute of that injury delay. She basically cost Brazil the game.

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