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Rubber gaskets

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Guest scottydosnntkno

If you're talking about commercial ones, I use a 90 degree pick and grab the corner and pull it out.

It takes some practice putting them back in. If you start from one side and push to the other with your thumb you will have a lot of extra gasket left over. Easiest way is to push both ends in, then the middle, and then the middle of the two halves, then using a wet finger rub it evenly into place.

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This is a commercial glazing tool know as a hook tool. Looks like this :dunno

Almost all manny's and tool dist. carry them. Normally cost around $5 to $8.

They work great once you get use to them, however alot of glazer's like to glue these gaskets in place instead of just pressing them in. Make sure they are not glued down before you start pulling them and tear the gasket up. :lol

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Pulling is 1 way to go for installing flatglass but there is also trimming the gasket, about 1/8 of it and then applying film to eliminate daylight. Be careful on removing gaskets as there is the possibility of the glass falling off the blocks and breaking. I know there are many people who remove gaskets and im not saying that it is a bad thing to do but you run a greater risk of breaking the glass.

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I pull them whenever I can also. Gotta watch out for ones that are slightly cracked or dry rotted. They can tear on you. Just use a hardcard in the corner to get it started. Normally when I pull gaskets I leave the top one in, especially on big panes. The windows can fall in with them all removed.

I used to work along with a guy a couple years ago that cut the gaskets which I HATE. Had to talked down a few "concerned" customers that saw him choppin' away at them. While it may not "harm" anything, the customers windows are not the same when you leave as when you arrived.

:dunno Whatever floats your boat though.

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