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Pinstripe for a Toyota

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Hey, has anyone got any pinstripe software? I bought an old 96 toyota tacoma for a hunting truck and im going to camo wrap the bottom and i wanted to pull the old pin stripe off and replace it in camo..I like the original design but not sure if anyone has any preprogrammed pinstripe for this model, i got a buddy that does signs that can cut it but he hasn't got any pinstripe designs..

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Yeah i may do that, seems a bit too much camo for me though..I really was liking the idea of camo on the bottom, camo pinstripe and a TRD design in camo even though it's not a trd i still like the sticker :hmmm And possibly the toyota letters on the tailgate in camo..but maybe i'll just go all out :spit Can you get the perforated vinyl in camo where you can see through it for the windows? Camoclad the best place for vinyl?

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