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HoPo did better today :)

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HoPo did really well today, miles above the first day. We didn't schedule as much so less pressure, also just did the Global QDP all day long, so that was a bit better for him. Gave me the ability to cut out all the graphics I needed to for a big install tomorrow so that was great. Will try to schedule him a couple days next week with a few more cars. We think after about 2-3 more weeks he should be g2g on selling for us and scheduling jobs on his own and also what we schedule here. He even tinted my car today and did really well. His lunch choice made me sad tho...

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15min microwave lipton noodles... ewww...he needs a wife to take care of him I think...I guess I just take for granted that I feed my hubby all the time...I forget that there are men who aren't fed properly lol

Oh that stuff is nasty. Microwaved MSG pretty much.

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Bar the lunch, that's good to hear Guardian :beer

Maybe he had a case of first day nerves last time :trustme

that and some felt seals that were having none of me

Everyone has bad days HoPo... how you deal with it, learn from it and move forward, makes the difference :D


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Nice of you to update like this kari. Good deal hopo :trustme

i am trying to get up to speed as quickly as possible. we stopped in the middle of the car to refine some cutting techniques and from there on things went smoothly. so its just one tip at a time to up the skill level

practiced another trick at the end of the day to give it a shot before i would really need it so that worked out great. in all it was a good day, but my immediate supervisor was riding me pretty hard, kept starting at me.... trying to get me to play fetch.... strange

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