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New car defrost line residue contamination


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Has anyone else ever noticed contamination from new cars with large defrost lines? It something that's very easy to miss until the tint is cured. I've noticed that it happens sometimes when positioning the tint on the inside of the back glass. It happens when sliding the tint down into position and it drags on the defrost lines picking up some kind of residue. I can avoid dragging the tint too much on most cars, but some are more difficult. I did 2 new chargers today and because of the built in head rests, it's hard to position the tint low enough to avoid too much dragging across the defrost lines. Has anyone else noticed this? Should I avoid scrubbing the glass too hard, or should I use some simple green and scrub the piss out of it? Thanks.

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Guest landrover127

Try and squegee along the lines and run any excess water away when cleaning i have the same problem on the range rover sports there quite large lines just trail and error you will get there if you want quality over quantity.

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