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Its about time Texas


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Ehh... Lot's of labor type companies skirt payroll taxes by doing contract labor.

That doesn't mean no taxes get paid, it just passes the buck down the line, to

be ignored by the next guy!

There are specific rules as to what can be called contract labor. The story

said there was no penalty? Income tax is....hello.... federal. Of course there is penalties.

Maybe we need 1600 more IRS/KGB agents... oh, already done! :lol

Employers pay half the withholding of employees, so why not call them "contract labor" and

save the bucks. It's wrong, that's why. And some poor schmuck that should have been an employee

will now be saddled with more taxes than he can pay, including self-employment tax because his

boss offered to pay him "without taking out taxes". So he goes under the radar and works for cash

(less money) for the rest of his life. I know a few like this. In too deep.

IT'S NOT JUST TEXAS! Somebody just blew a whistle. :lol

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