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Norrowing down which film to use.

Guest jcoe

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Hey I have a car stereo shop which just brought our tinting in-house. We have received samples from Johnson, Maxpro, suntek, advantage, and llumar. So far I really like the suntek carbon, johnson marathon, and advantage hp. We plan on ordering 36" Rolls of 35%, 25% and 20%. They seem to be the customers favorites. If you all had to choose which would it be and why? Also what do youall loo for when deciding on a film? Thanks.

- Cool

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Guest STintVA

Cool - the Marathon and HP you're looking at are similar films (layers of metal and dyed film) while the Carbon is a non-metal film (won't interfere with radio signals and car sensors). Many of the guys on here seem to really like the color of Marathon and Carbon but Advantage seems to have issues keeping inventory in stock.

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I would also try global as one of their distributors are also in Virginia, Sterling,VA. We usually carry 20% 30% 35% 50% in two sizes 20" and 40". We also carry 1 or two rolls of 24" for the occasional SUV/Van front window.

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Guest ridiculous

for what its worth, i use johnson's marathon. i really like the film, customer service seems medioker at best sometimes, for me though...my "rep" is hard to get ahold of.

i order 60" rolls cut 38"/22"

there's my :cool

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I say buy American. :console

Only time i'll do that is, if i know for fact that their workers have a green card, permit to work, and or citizens. There are many companies here that 80% of their work force is illegal. Yes, they generate income, but most of that $ gets sent back to their native nation. Western union reported $44 billion dollars per year. Don't believe me? take a trip to Fresno CA :D

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