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Another one of them Fox bodies

The ///Man

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This one on the small pulley makes about 650hp to the wheels. Guy sold his 8 second capable camaro for something a little more streetable, lol. You would %&$# yourself if you knew what he paid vs. what is in the car, just need the cowling fixed and hood painted , and more boost.



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My first brand new car was a 1986 mustang gt. Red/red. I really wish I kept it. Back then they were tough to get and dealers held out for full sticker or you just did not get it. I remember it was 12,300

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My hatred for those cars has nothing to do with tinting them. It has more to do with how I used to work at a Ford dealership when those were popular....worked on wayyyy too many of them. :poop

Ahh, they appear to be wiring nightmares in factory form. Thankfully this car has very little ford left in it, haha.

1993 Sonic Blue Novi 2000 Mustang coupe/Dart 331,Scat crank,Carrillo h-beam rods,Diamond 8.5:1 pistons,AFR 185 heads,Victor 5.0.intake,Comp Cams custom roller cam,Comp Cam 1.6 roller rockers,full ARP hardware,Clevite h-series race bearings,billet timing chain and gears,Novi 2000 supercharger,1 5/8"-1 3/4 " custom Bassani stepped headers,Bassani x-pipe.Mac dumps,SDS stand alone fuel system,MSD billet dist,MSD6A ign,MSD coil,Moroso 10mm race wires,Steeda billet fuel rails,RC 72 lb/hr fuel injectors,sumped fuel tank,Paxton 1200hp external fuel pump,8an feed/6an return braided fuel lines,Fluidyne aluminium radiator,dual elec fans,Mezier elec water pump,Lentech street terminator plus AOD w/ elec overdrive,Pro Edge 3600 stall conv,B&M flexplate,B&M trans cooler and fan,8.8 rear,Eaton carrier,3.73's,SVO girdle,31 spline strange axles,FMS aluminium driveshaft,Ground Pounder tubular k-member/control arms,coil-over front and rear,90/10 front,Comp Eng adjustable rear,Flaming River manual rack,Ground pounder c/c plates,HPM Megabite lower control arms/adjustable uppers,CE 8 pt cage welded to subframe connectors(through floor),Cobra front brakes,disc rear,adj proportioning valve,Hurst roll control,17x8 bullet wheels,dunlop fronts,MT drag radial rear,Autometer phantom guages boost/FP/OP/WT/AFM wideband air fuel.All holes in engine compartment have been filled and all wiring is hidden.
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Guest scottydosnntkno

probably picked it up dirt cheap :poop

around here, modded cars don't go for much more than un-modded. as they say, aftermarket parts are worth maybe 10% of what they retail for, without any labor.

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