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I am looking for some good tint companies in the dfw area to install solar and safety! I'm tinting for ten years between Florida and Texas back and fourth since I moved out here 4 years ago! I have worked for a few of the local dinosuars who do 90% auto, I used slam 8 mill in south florida for huricane protection just a few short years ago, then tinting took a dive for a year or two, but man with all this energy reduction boom going on flat glass should be boomin too, and even safety film for all the hail storm damage! so whats going on! man I have not met many out here who know the oldschool principals of flatglass tinting, not hatin or anything, I just want to have the same work output I used to enjoy in South florida!

So my question is this! are there any real flatglass tint companies willing to hustle and get the work that all these radiant barrier companies are getting?

if so I'm with you!

I am here to tint and if there are any companies reading this then try me! with the exeption of one or two who post on here who I have no interest in working for, and you know who you are! your loss! shoulda given me a better day!

hit me back if and lets get something rolling!

scottwindowtint@live.com :boogie

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I have a few more things to ad to my post, not to sound arrogent or anything this is just to those who might know me, I have changed screen names several times over the last 6 years that I have used the TINTDUDE forum so I'm not new to this forum just have to keep it real and switch up sometimes!

I used to tint for a guy in ft. lauderdale FL. putting V-KOOL window film on these freakin huge multi million dollar yachts all over south florida, and let me tell you, you aint tinted %&$# until you tinted a yacht! some of the hardest tinting I ever had to do, like car on steroids too much to go wrong with those things I actually hated it, but the guy I was workin for like so many others, had no appreciation or respect for the work I did for him and only pointed out the f**k ups, that I dont care how good you are you are going to experience in the tinting world and I have worked with the best of them, guys that were so old and burnt out from tinting that they barely new one day from the other but these are the guys I learned from! I took all their aquired years of trial and error to master what they did and built up my abilities in a fraction of the time it took them to get where they where at in their careers, and man that used to kill them to know I was absorbing their %&$# like spongebob! I think My point is this, I have met so many tinters over the years and the good ones are getting harder and harder to find, most of everyone I encounter has no idea how guarded this trade used to be and how hard it used to be to get someone to teach you the tricks to make money at this!

and to add to my resume for anyone interested in working with me I am still behind on using a film handler, don't get me wrong they are great for commercial and big windows and I don't mind using one but I just don't see the point bringing one into a house, I love cutting out of the box man thats where the fun is trying to make as much of that film fit without waisting an inch. I have mastered that %&$# I had to some of the dudes I worked for only gave me enough film for each window not a ft extra, but that keeps you on your toes! I know some dudes buy a shitload of film and don't care about waisting it as long as it gets on with no crap in the film,yeah I get that, but I'm a cheap bastard by nature and I hate waisting a single inch of film!lol

man this is more like a blog than a post for work! It feels good to let a few words out!

I'm gonna shut up now before I get ousted!

Tint on dudes!

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