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Mirror Tint Question

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Silver 15 is not the best option for what they are looking for though. A dual reflective film in the 5% range with really low interior reflectivity would be the best bet.

Also you could have them place a flood light aimed at the glass from the outside, that would help a lot at night.

The problem is you need more light hitting that window from the outside at all times to achieve what they want.

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All of us have had to deal w/ that 1 time or another... the best results I have achieved are silver on one side of the glass and limo or comparable on the other. Its only a guess but I think it might have something to do with the refraction between the 2 films, You might also try suntek's drmps , again like already mentioned everything is contingent on lighting but the silver/limo combo worked on a couple situations Good Luck :thumb

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We just applied a silver 15 to a doctors office, but they are complaining you can still see in at night when back lit. Is there any true mirror film that lets you see out but not in even when back lit?


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25 years? Really?

What the hell is wrong with you?

Don't you ever watch CSI? The "lookers"are in the dark and the "suspects" are brightly lit!

Anybody ever ask why "limo tint" doesn't look like a limo when it's

on the back of a single cab pickup?

Ok ok ok.. I'm just messin wit ya! :D

But the answer is WTF?! NO!! :lol2

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to get a one way mirror effect you need to have a lighting ratio of atleast 5-1 and even at this ratio there can possibly be some vision through. Ideal is 8-1

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