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Finally can say it!

Guest ridiculous

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Guest ridiculous

finally landed a nice little residential job!

i did these 7 windows in this family room of a beautiful country home! i installed JWF PD45. It was really nice having this job. It was air conditioned, and everything! :fdup

and the customers were super nice! he took all the blinds down for me, offered me drinks, and even offered me a sandwich for lunch! and he said he already loved the film! although, his wife is the one who really wanted the film installed, but she is in the hospital because she had a baby yesterday!

now when she comes home, her and the baby can be comfortable in the living room! :thumb

in this pic, the top three are done, and the bottoms are not...


pic of finished job...


finished job from outside standing on the ground!


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most of my customers when I had my Flatglass business were very pleasant and hospitable when I was in thier home. The rare customers were the rude ones.

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