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My intern's first full tint.

The ///Man

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He's been doing an easy BG hear and there and some quarters. A couple pairs of roll ups. I got this focus in from a dealer and figured I would let him have a go at it. This is his first full car after hanging around the shop the last 2 weeks. I think he's catching on






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i gotta new guy here too. 2 months i havent even let him touch a piece of tint yet LOL.

lol, I know what you mean. I've been letting him touch the easy ones, he can cut and weed alright though so me and my co-worker are able to slap it one, or I can go work on the other store.

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Ive got a rookie coming in tomorrow. I have little patience to teach, so he will be learning to cut film off the handler for fg to start. Im losing my helper at the end of the week b/c he is going off to college. It will be difficult to replace him. With the new guy, Id like to train him on fg, as I have other avenues I would like to do. I am exploring real estate investing currenty and need some time to prospect. I have no intensions of training for auto at the moment, even though ive got 60+ units to be done at the dealership that I personally cannot handle (at this time).

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Guest CZtint
That is pretty good for a rookie. That is not the easiest back window to do.

sorry man, with all due respect, its ford focus, possibly easiest car ever, I was just thinking "he gave him good solid easy to start on" as I appretiate it, I had a helper once, but it failed after some time, he was learning how to hand cut film for like 4 weeks and I just seen no progress, so thumbs up for your new guy TM

P.S.: I still use my wife as a helper, it brings custys:) cars'n'asses:)

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He's pretty good, getting at picking it up, I would say he can do about 3 out of 4 door windows to be acceptable the 1st time. I'm still putting him to the easy stuff though. we just did a new frontier and he did one door and my co-worker the other and you can't tell a difference.

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