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entrapment (kinda)

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so had a officer last week call and set up an appt. he of course wanted an illegal tint job, after much quality saleswomanship, I talked him into a ceramic tint job and booked it for next week. About 2 hours later, another cop comes in with the original officer and tells me that he is a state boy and I was the first shop that actually sold him a legal tint job in a 50 mile stretch...he then told me that he had written warnings and actually ticketed several shops south of me and one about 20 miles away that week...he had also written several tickets in the past week to individuals and those individuals had signed documents that so and so had done their tint job, and that the state boy was building a case against several local shops based on the individuals testimonies....he even had invoices from the tint shops with the illegal tint job on them (who puts 5% complete on an invoice? dumbasses)

so after all of that was said and done, the officers leave and I erase the appt off the board for the other officer. He sees me do it and says that he was actually going to keep the appt and would be bringing his wives car up as well to get tinted legally....

so that is 2 ceramic jobs for next week...and my competetion might be in trouble lol

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i should also say after the state boy left I called a buddy state cop friend of mine and supposedly this same officer has shut down several muffler shops, fined multiple shops up and down the state and been a general pita for most ppl in our profession or close to our profession...he seems to be on a mission, supposedly according to the cop gossip his sister was killed by an drunk with a 5% complete tint job...but I have no way to confirm that... ;)

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