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Scraping old glue with goof off

Guest vic3d

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Guest vic3d

Guys after trying a couple of products starting with Goo Gone (doesn't work) I tried Goof Off and it works great!


You literally spray the back window with this and you watch the glue come undone from the glass. The only downside to it is that the glue turns into a UHU-type mess and is a little harder to clean off. But I still prefer this method.

Just wanted to let you guys know. Maybe most of you know this already, or use similar products?

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Guest scottydosnntkno

There are a few reasons most of us don't use similar products.

#1 as you said it turns the glue into a melty nasty mess.

#2 it smells bad

#3 You need to get ALLL the residue off the glass or else it will reek havoc on the new film. If it wicks in from the edges or bottom of the window it will jack up the adhesive and you will have a failure after a short time, if not right away. (you did see what it did to the old adhesive? :spit )

#4 I'm not sure if its good to be spraying that stuff all over the inside of the car, it might leave a very strong residual odor. Plus, its expensive :zzz

Invest in a steamer, and you will be good to go. water is very cheap compared to goof off/goo gone/the special tint remover stuff(simple pink?) Steaming the film and then using steel wool will let you get off 98% of the back windows out there with minimal effort and less than a half hours work.

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Don't waste your time with anything else but Simple Green - sold at Wal-mart for cheap. Spray it on the glue full strength and doing so every 10 to 15 min. and watch the glue turn to gorilla snot and finally to nothing.

Everything else may work, but not as well. Since I have used Simple Green I don't sweat remove and redos. Piece of cake. :lol

Use the steamer to soften the really old (purple) tint that is grown to the glass.

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