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E90 Window Fault

Guest dagz

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Did an E90 coupe today. Pulled the strips from the top of the doors, so didn't remove panel or undo a single screw or anything. When I'd finished I went to put the drops down to put the strips back on, and the drivers window switch was dead. Passenger one worked fine. I got the window down and up again with the remote locking control. But the switch is still dead. Very minimal water was used in installation, I would be VERY surprised if it was a fault caused by water, and as I said I didn't removed the panel, just popped the strip out cleanly and easily.

Any ideas?

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Guest tint325i

to be honest with you i have soaked switches in these a few times and never had a problem, so doubtfull water is the problem, no idea, try the usual battery disconnect thing, or try toget it plugged in, thats where a friendly bmw dealer is handy

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Guest maddtinter
I'd be taking that door panel all the way off & checking the connector before anything else. Maybe it has a bad clip & slid out when you were moving the panel around. :lol6

Maybe a individul fuse for that switch?

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