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New body style chrysler 300 (door gaskets)


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Has anyone attempted removing the bottom door seals? I do a lot of these, and they're not too bad, but the pillar between the back door glass and the quarter panel is pretty deep. I'm just looking for an easier way to avoid having to cram tint into this area and dealing with the creases. I would try it, but I'm worried I wont be able to put the seals back in without removing the door panel. The audio guy where I work said they're a nightmare to put back together. Thanks.

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Guest scottydosnntkno

bingo panels are nice and easy to remove. I don't remember off hand, since i pull panels on every car but i'm pretty sure you can get away with just removing the cup screw and pulling back and uncliping the top of the panel and pull out the bottom seal. But maybe i did remove the whole door i honestly don't remember. Either way, its not hard to do

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