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do you use TAP WATER in your solution?

Guest maxwax

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Guest maxwax

Don't laugh folks I have been tinting for a quarter of a century, I recently encountered a problem with contamination.

I was in dismay because I consider myself a seasoned professional in the tinting business. but this problem had me baffled.

I removed all the equipment out of my shop, washed the ceiling, floors and all my fixtures, I went back to work the next day with the same results scattered contamination! I tinted a glass 3 times on a Nissan truck with all the rubber pulled and door panels removed... BUT THE TINT WAS STILL FULL OF TRASH what the hell. I give up so I take my lunch break and go to the east side of town, I usually eat on the other side of town boy am I glad that I had a taste for BBQ today. as I went this this way what do I see, the Local city employees are replacing a water main. I scratch my head and say HMMM> after lunch I stop of at the local ACE hardware and pick up a 2 gallon sprayer ,10 feet of clear hose a lawn mower in line fuel filter, and a couple of the cloth paint strainers.

I assemble the contraption add a 1/2 bottle of J&J and fill it up with H2O problem solved.

So does everyone else filter their water?

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