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film size?

Guest milly

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Okay, So i am new to tinting and i ordered 40"x10' and tinted my friends car...it honestly turned out better than i expected. No bubbles, the only thing was when i was cutting the film on the outside of the glass to get shape, i somehow cut a little to much off the edges...i couldnt ever get it perfect ? Any specific way to hold the razor so it cuts it good?

Now on to the real question. What should i be buying for maximum profit? I was able to get 2 side windows out of each couple feet by splitting it in half since it was 40" wide. I just want to be able to make maximum profit. Ofcourse I'm brand new and I'm not going to start a shop just yet, but i have a lot of friends who are asking me to do theirs. I will be buying 40"x25' and hopeing it will do 2 cars soon...


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Wow, i knew there were dicks on the internet, but now this many. What the hell was that link supposed to mean? I'm not talking about how do i do something, or how do i heat shrink a window. I'm asking what size film should i buy for most profit? 40" or 20".

Seriously guys, some people have to start somewhere. I tinted my first car and he was happy with it. It's not perfect, but you can't get better without practice. I came to this forum for help, not to be laughed at or called stupid.


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Guest filmslayer

thats because you dont yet understand by helping you out we hurt the very industry that has supported me and many others here for more years than you've been alive ...

nothing personal ...

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