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Question for QDP users


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After long research on this forum and the website, and finding nothing but huge praise for QDP and the customer service from Howard. I have decided to go with it and use it as my main line. My question is this, from what I have read, QDP has a more brownish tint to it correct? If so how does this match up to most SUV and Trucks back windows? It seems to me like it would do great against some Ford and Chevys with the brownish tint to them. But what about most newer trucks ? Do you carry a different line to match to those? Would True Black be a good candidate for this? I work with 3M currently and we put CS on pretty much everything and FX matches perfectly to Ford and Chevy brownish tint. I understand that it will be almost impossible to find a perfect match. But I would definitely like to get as close as possible. And since I would only be looking to carry 20% in the alternative, having an extra line for factory match is well worth it. Look forward to responses. Thank you.

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From personal use, I think the QDP matches very well inside and out. It is not as brown as some make it out to be, and being non reflective it does not have the shiny appearance from the outside. I have been using it for years, and have nothing but good things to say.

I have used LuLu ATR, AT, Johnson Marathon, Silloutte (sp?), MaxPro, MMM (yuck) and several others I cant think of the name. QDP hands down.

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Guest scottydosnntkno
:bingo by itself it looks brown on an untinted car, but that is also generally under fluorescent lighting. Side by side with an already tinted window (factory tint) it looks very neutral unlike some other films. most films out there have some color tone to them. Be it blue, green, brown, etc.
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So what I am gathering from you guys is that it is perfectly fine to only carry QDP and satisfy every customer in regards to color matching factory tint? I knew most people wouldn't notice as much, but that is great news. Thank you very much.

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