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Guest CZtint

hey guys, I am doing some vehicle wraps as side grade job to tinting, trying out to get more into bussiness, done about 20 cars in total, but I need some good delaership for chrome films, I am using some 3Ms, mactac and other films, but I cant get my hands on chrome films somehow, one company in CZ already doing chrome wraps but they didnt want to tell me supplier (like I wonder why :lol ) I have seen some pictures on window tint forums from Leo of red chrome bugatti, so I am wondering what brand of film it is, so I can start looking for supllier, also I am very grateful about any pointers or directions what films are best and so on,

Thanks everyone in advance

Edit: I've checked 3M and it seems ppl are using scotchal 100 chrome for wrapping, can anyone confirm this? you can either PM me or just post advice, I hope ppl are bit shary so Ill get info what I need. I would like to wrap my car in chrome for advert purpose, but I would like to know from what brand is cars seen on this forums done, before I start hopelessly buying random films, I heard that its not done from original wrap vinyl, so I appretiate any advices.

Thanks everyone in advance again.

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