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Newbie in Tennessee......with obvious newbie problems

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Guest shturner1975

Where do I start.......

I'm a new tinter (as a business) in West Tennessee. I have purchased a few rolls from Johnson. Trying the Marathon and Renegade lines from them. I've done 3 cars so far for the public. 1993 Chevy Silverado, 2003 S-10 Blazer, 1993 Mercedes E 400, and a few windshield strips. The Mercedes owner brought another of his cars in yesterday. A 2000 E430. He just wanted the BG done to prevent fading of the rear interior. I used Marathon 35% on his 93 model, and he kinda griped about the "silvery" look of it. He wanted a neutral look for his 2000. I chose the Renegade film.

No on to my problem (s). First of all, heat shrinking is not something you can just watch a video and do yourself. I had little problem with the marathon film on the BG of the 1993 model car (2 strips and shrinking of small fingers). Tried to do the 2000 model in one piece using renegade. Could not, for the life of me, keep the stuff from creasing. Seems like its really thin when shrinking, and doesn't shrink as much as the marathon. I tried the wet method, dryer sheets, even baby powder. Actually got it shrunk decent on one try, and went to apply in car, and the film would not stick to the dot matrix AT ALL (not to mention I got a crease in it while pushing water out)! Seems like some sort of film over it like teflon or something. I'm not talking about the usual white specks in it, the film never even tried to stick. Was gonnna strip the BG after scrubbing the dot matrix REALLY good. Went to apply the bottom strip, and voila, wouldn't stick.

Needless to say, I went through 35 feet of film and called the guy to come get his car UNFINISHED! This is not me. I do not like the "defeated" feeling. This is really bothering me. I have never came across something that I could not do myself. Is there something I missed?

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practice practice and then practice some more............. just be sure you are practicing using actions that will work with practice. Have you seen the 14 hour set of DVD's I made on how to learn tinting? :thumb

Don't get discouraged and learn from your mistakes. I see people make the same mistakes over and over when learning to tint cars, if something is not working change the way you try to do it .......... welcome to the forum :beer Lot's of information and friendships can be found right here. Use the search button to explore past topics that you can learn from.



you can follow the link on this post to my website for information on the DVD's

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