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MONDAY 08/22/2011 - 09:50 AM EST

Express Films has experienced a total loss of electrical, communication and internet service due to a downed utility pole. The latest estimate from the repair crews is sometime around midnight this evening.

We are unable to answer calls, process orders, or provide customer service.

Updates as they become available.


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did you "pee on the electric fence" and short yourself out?

I do that about 10 times a day myself, but this time the credit goes to our neighbor, who took it upon themselves to remove the anchors and brace wires holding the pole up. They are going to have some "splainin" to do.

We are praying that they fix it by tomorrow. No juice, no phone, no broadband = no customer service and that has me climbing out of my skin.


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Sorry to hear that , I got the automated message! Outstanding!!!

Are you telling me that these idiots did not see what those cables were doing? I hope they pay a nice fine for stupidity....!!! Maybe it should be suggested to put the utilities underground! Or maybe just the folks next door to quit messin with sh@&. they don't have a clue about.!

I'm sure the utility co. Will have it back before they said, they do this all the time!

-MWF :thumb :thumb :dunno

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