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Come on....Really?

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Guest De4thMet4LKing00

All of us tinters know that, while not necessarily a hard car to do, a 93 Acura Legend is just a pain. I have done the backglass in 1 piece many times before, but this time (Friday the 19th) I decided to go 2 piece, which I rarely do anymore, I just felt like not stressing about it. Well, I got everything done and all windows looked great, and I thought all was well.

Owner (of the shop) comes back to me and says "The guy with the Acura you tinted on Friday is back and says he has dirt and bubbles." My first instinct is "yeah, right." Well, come to find out, somehow I must have missed a small tiny section of water on the driver front door and it turned out looking like a "bubble" so I fixed that no problem.

Then the owner of the car wanted to point out a tiny speck of dirt that got into the back window and wondered if I can do anything about it. Keep in mind, this is a 93 ACURA LEGEND lol....rust spots on the rear quarter panels and like 100 spoke wire wheels (yeah, i know). I'm looking at it and I'm telling the guy it's not worth me peeling off the film, possibly leaving some glue, and then re-tinting it without getting maybe the tiniest dirt particle in it (I try to get it as clean as possible)

Yeah this wasn't "BMW Owner", but seriously? I see so many crappy tint jobs out on the road, and this guy wanted to complain about a tiny speck of dust in 1 window?? Some people just amaze me

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