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ECE Senior Project


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If you all care to, throw some ideas out there that i could possibly use for senior design this year. This semester we (4 of us in the group) will be designing the system and all its aspects as well as giving oral and written presentations and simulations. Then in the spring we will be building the project for real.

So any ideas would be great. We present our proposal in 5 weeks. Examples are things like....

Battery Power Monitor. Electric cars use batteries to run a motor. Batteries can hold a limited amount of energy. Knowing the amount of power taken out of or delivered to the batteries allows for assessing the vehicle efficiency and displaying the state of discharge. Design a system to monitor the

power flow through a battery pack of a vehicle including the interface device for connecting to a PC

Music invention, create a device that vibrates, emits sound and light to be used for learning new musical rhythms and patterns.

Maybe you've always thought a car should have something? Anyway let me know if you have some electrical idea

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Update, we are doing a Drum Triggered Light Show

drum triggers will be mounted on the snare bass and toms and will run into a microcontroller which will output to some LED drivers and power some very bright LEDs. the "brain" will be in one box while the LEDs will be in another "light box"

current plan to interface these two boxes is with HDMI cables because if one cable were to break on the road with a band, finding another to replace it would be simple. 2 cables will be needed to handle the amount of current needed so i am currently working on circuit protection in case these cables were plugged in backwards.

here is the top level design


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