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Guest CZtint

Hey guys,

so this is story about my custy from hell.

back in the days when I was tinting for one company, me and my collegue decided to do side job for one guy. so we did in lunchbreak as we were tinting at one of our delaer. Opel Omega around 95' year, the one with matrix on rollups. so we did very nice job in about 40min as we were 2 custy paid us the price which was about 30% lower then official price.

two days after that he phoned me that is is VERY unhappy with job and we must meet. So we met, guy (he was gypsy) told me that tint job doesnt work. I was like: "How it doesnt work?" (car without AC just to notice) he says"get in car and check how hot it is in there" I am like fine, but you must realize that tint doesnt mean your car gets AC condition system, it just reduces heat, and explaining him all the stuff all over again, ending with little trick, told him to sit in car, open window and check the heat it produces on his face, roll up window and feel the difference, so he admits it does work. I was nearly sure that problem is solved, but he turns out that his wife doesnt like darker windows, so I told him, its not reason for warranty or whatever, and he should make sure if his family agrees on tint job etc, while being man should educate his wife why its good. When said something like he is man so should be able to make such decisions he was ok. Then he turns up that its not installed well and that there are scratches all over the installation, after very easy finger check I showed him all scratches are outter side of windows. He is getting little bit nervous, raising voice a bit and trying to find some reason for warranty return of money. after another half an arguing why we should return money, he starts shouting we did bad job on purpose because he is gypsy and that we didnt work for him same way that we do for white, at this stage I am really about burst in laugh, as I am nearly anything but not racists (hell I care for skin color, if youre idiot I dont like you, but it has nothing to do with colour of skin). So I just replied "Ok then, how about to behave like human then? We strip it and return your money, but do not claim it was bad job." After he heard "lets behave like human" he calms down and agrees with it. But I was really pissed, having to strip it down and so on, so we stripped it gave his money back and I just told him dont order any job you cant afford, as I honestly dont see any other reason for his behaviour. He didnt replies, sits in car as fast as he sees film is down and rides away. But yeah, most of adhesive was still on windows.

this guy costed me two lunchbreaks and some film, was very pissed back then, but now I still laugh he drove off with adhesive on :badidea

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