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Need help with plotter and computer cut!

Guest KingsTinting

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Guest KingsTinting

hi all, I've been running computer cut with their supplied dgi plotter for about 2 years now and every once in a while run into a small problem but lately, I basically can not cut any graphics. I can cut the graphic but it seems like some parts of the image will shift. Like I cut alot of graphics in frost for flat glass installs and lately, I have been trying to cut a pattern with a bunch of tropical leaves and flowers and about 3 spots of the the graphic will shift about an inch or so, causing these shifted portions to cut inot other parts of the pattern. I have tried everything including getting a new serial cord and have been going back and forth with Gary from computer cut and Ron from accue graphics and yet it seems like no one has any solutions. Anyone ever have this problem or know of any solutions that may help? Also, when cutting auto patterns with auto tint, sometimes the starting point and ending point do not line up so that I will have a gap in my pattern. Any help would be much appreciated! thanks

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Guest mactoys

I would suggest a few things, I have seen this to happen so it may sound simple but here it is.

Resave your file, rename it and before you do look it over for details. See that no extra points are in the file on a hidden layer.

Check file size, sometimes the size of the file will be the cause. If you don't have enough ram to rip this or not using a rip at all, that will cause an error in the path.

See if there are any updates needed for your software. If you have updated something and this started to happen you may want to drop the version back.

Run your cutter slower if you can. Your software should allow this.

Can't say this would be a fix but I have been behind computers, grahics software and rips way too long. GOOD LUCK - Ronda

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