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2000 4 runner

Guest milly

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Just remember to look at the "glare" on the film and how it reacts to the amount of heat you are putting on it. Once you get used to how it reacts, it will become much easier. :thumb

I did a bit more "research" on shrinking the BG and i did do a few steps wrong, so hopefully if i follow all of the steps it'll help a lot. Practice makes perfect though, i used to not be able to do a side window without having like 5 light gaps in it, so I just need to keep on practicing!


The car doesn't look too difficult other than that though which is good!

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I dont shrink any windows at all on a 4 runner..those are awesome to tint easy as it gets..

SWEET! That's good to hear! I'm guessing the rear one is just the same as a side window since it rolls down too.

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