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3 skylights today the highest about 30'

Guest Crackz

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Nice one joe. I have 10 of these to do for a statefarm insurance agent next week. Lucky for me they are all the same size so I can just pre-cut.

I don't have to go up 30 feet tho maybe 15 feet tops.

nice gotta love the up and down up and down lol

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man I bet it was hot ass hell up in them tunnels.

That must have felt like santa coming down the chimney on christmas :thumb

hot oh my god i cant describe the feeling once i wet up the the humidity was off the charts the sun was beating so hot you could not touch the glass ... it was styfling it took the breath from your chest glad its done man $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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We did a few of those type recently on the shore here. The tough part is ya start getting light headed after a bit and have to come down for air. Next time, I am going to bring the high flow fan I have (type used for inflatables) and pump air up the chamber..........................

light headed and nauseous i had 3 glasses of water between each it was like you get dehydrated each time lol

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