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I shoulda just said no


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Over the years I have done a pile of Crown Vics for many of the near by police and K9 units. Today one of them called and asked how much to strip and re tint the Chiefs car,I did about 7 years ago. Figuring is was not a huge deal. Plus it could be a possible get outa jail free card some day, I give him a "reasonable" price. (tax payer footing the bill). He says WOW I thought it would have gone up more after all these years ! Well long story short, They dont want just one friggin re tint, They want to redo 18 of the things. Have I mentioned before that I cant stand auto!

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sub it out...

:facepalm that would be my advice. You went from "favor " price of one car to getting :lol with all them cars. I agree...money IS money and if your busy with other jobs, you'll lose money tinting them while turning down easier , quicker more profitable tinting .

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