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Complexed about Plexiglass

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Okay so I have a repeat customer who owns lots of properties and needs some skylights in a penthouse suite done. Never seen skylights like this before. There's an interior layer and a separate exterior layer. Since the interior is boxed in 4 feet and 15 feet up, doing an exterior install would make it way easier. My question is is madico the only blister free film maker? Also, if I seal the edges would an exterior install work? Lastly how would you go about cleaning the plexiglas before install? Obviously you woulda scrape, would a white scrub pad work? I really don't want to pass on this job because it's basically money in the bank. They have a buyer for the 1.2 million penthouse condo but he wants it tinted before he signs off. There's about six of these skylight sections and basically the current owner doesn't care what it cost as long as the potential buyer gets what he wants.





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x3 for solar mesh.

As great as the repeat business that exterior installs on glass can be. On Plexi All that re/re over the years will definitely be a PITA especially when the Plexi doesn't co operate. When the owner realizes that he has to pay over and over he may go looking for solutions like the solar mesh himself cutting you off of the cash flow.

If I were in your situation I would become best friends with your local solar mesh guy and work out some kind of deal.

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Having done the plexi skylights before.... I used the pad to clean the surface.... then applied the BF film... let that sit for several hours or a day when I could... went back and reapplied the 2nd layer.

I don't really know that you have to wait, but when I did a booth that had plexi windows, I did one right after the other - it was just two panes, so hardly any time between layers... and it bubbled like crazy. Had to go back and redo it....BF film came off easy peasy but still wasted a day and expensive BF film.

I've been back to the booth a yr later and it still looks good... haven't been back to the skylights yet, but next time I'm in that area I plan to stop by and see how they are holding up.


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