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tinted a 1956 Chevy

Guest maxwax

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Sweet! I did a '66 Chevelle when I was brand new to tint.... It whooped my ass! ZERO room for error on old glass with no blacked out borders.

I'd love to see close ups of those windows.

Believe it or not it came out extra CLEAN the rear glass was a little tricky, with the complete rubber surround and the compound curve.

The hardest part was the shrinking the JWF Flash series film the film is actually green! it is listed as both a flat glass and an automotive film but it looked great on the car.

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I usually have the glass pulled on the classics. that way you can add a border with black glass primer to hide the edge. i did a couple 57's last month one with complete windsheild. glass was out of the car so no problem. I have another 57 comming for a quote for tomorrow. already said he does not want the glass pulled. personally i would rather tint a VW bug BG then a old butyl or rubber set anything. usually end up with a mess on the edges and butyl smeared all over the film and my tools. have any good tips on the 57? i know the inside is at least 3/8 an inch bigger when you goto lay it

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