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hello there, i am sure glad i found this website hopefully all my tinting needs have been saved!

so i have recently cleaned a boat and used some starbrite instant black streak remover, and i got some drip/streaks on the windows,

they can only be seen when you tilt your head, but can be seen from the inside, are there any suggests, i havent tried vinegar yet,

it seems to have penetrated something i have tried just some boat soap and nothing, any suggestions would be appreciated!

thank you in advance.

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Star brite is a caustic based product. What has happened is you have etched the glass, you need some #0000 steel wool and some rubbing compound, rub the affected area with compound and steel wool then, then polish with a towel, clean with soap and water and then rain x the heck out of them . problem solved!

if that doesn't work call me I can talk you through another process 770 301 2693 Rodney

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